Financial Capabilities

Warren Norman Company develops projects ranging from small building jobs under $100,000 to commercial developments over $15,000,000. Warren Norman Company manages its family holdings which assets are substantial.

Although each year is different, on average WNC. will develop anywhere from 20-50 million dollars’ worth of commercial real estate. The family holding companies have ownership in most of the projects WNC develops.

The family holding companies have significant banking relationships which allow for these projects to become financed, even in down economic periods. The financial reporting and tracking process for development jobs at Warren Norman Company is the best in the business, and ensures transparency and oversight for all projects.

Current Business Focus

Warren Norman Company has grown into a business that is currently offering more outside commercial development services which often include Joint Venture Partnerships. WNC primarily focuses on Commercial Development as its core business, also having divisions of Brokerage, Property/Asset Management, Grading and General Contracting . Having remained in the building & grading businesses, this experience gives WNC a unique knowledge of every aspect of the development industry, with an employee base of hands on experience to ensure the best oversight of a development job. Warren Norman Company is also unique in that it remains a small business with the capabilities to do large, complex projects.

Warren Norman Company is a conservative company, choosing its partners wisely. Remaining a small business with a specific focus allows us to treat each development as if it were its own project, with hands on involvement from the owners of the company. Warren Norman Company prides itself on hard work, direct & upfront business dealings, first class quality, honesty and integrity. These are values stemming from our founder, Warren Norman Sr.