70 Years of Experience

The Warren Norman Company is one of the oldest and most highly respected residential and commercial development companies in South Carolina and the Charlotte Region. From its beginnings in 1948 with Warren Norman Sr. leading the way, the company has grown from a small residential developer and builder into one of the region’s foremost developers of high quality home subdivisions, Class A office parks, commercial buildings, and hotel development.

Multiple generations of the Norman family are now involved in the day-to-day operations of the business and play an active role in the management of the family holdings. 

For nearly 70 years, the Warren Norman Company has played an integral role in the growth and success of the Rock Hill / York County area and rest assured the company is well positioned for the next 50 years – meeting all of your commercial real estate needs.

R. Warren Norman

Warren Norman Company was started in 1948 by Warren Norman Sr.
Mr. Norman started his career by building homes and neighborhoods in Rock Hill, SC. He was a land lover, and put his life’s work back into land holdings, primarily in the York and Lancaster SC areas. In the 1970’s, Mr. Norman ventured into commercial real estate, primarily as a result of land positions obtained over time. In 1975, Ralph Norman joined his father in the business. In 1982, David Norman joined his father and brother in the family business. Between the 1970’s through the 1990’s, Warren Norman Company focused on home building, residential development and commercial development. The shift to primarily commercial development occurred in the late 1980’s when Mr. Norman sold land for the new mall off of Dave Lyle Blvd. in Rock Hill, SC. Much of the 1990’s was spent developing around that commercial corridor. In 1999, Warren Norman III joined the family business, and has focused primarily on commercial development. Lane Norman joined the family business in 2013 focusing on the General Contracting Division. From 2000-Current, Warren Norman Company has developed over 800,000 sq. ft. of commercial property. Warren Norman Company also owns and invests in Hotel and storage properties in the Carolinas. Warren Norman Company manages all of its holdings, which total over 100 tenants & over 1 Million square feet of commercial space.